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 True friends are hard to find, most of the time, people land up with wrong people, who are difficult to adjust with. With the increasing selfishness and cut throat competition between peers, it has become more difficult to find a person, who can be blindly trusted and looked upon in need. Also, with increasing interest of people in gossip and cheap plots, betrayal of friendship has become very common. One more reason because of which friendship these days do not bloom is self- engrossed nature of most of the people.Coping up with a broken friendship is quite hard, more so if you have no fault of yours. But, life goes on and you make new friends. You push away your hurtful past and learn a valuable lesson from it. 

Accept reality
When friends let you down and are not there for you when you need them the most, its very heart wrenching. Sometimes the reason why friends betray you is just not known, which leaves you with a feeling of guilt that may be something went wrong from your side. In case of betrayal, being at the receiving end leaves you hurt, confused and angry. You demand answers as to why have you been betrayed for absolutely no fault of yours. Hate it as much as you want, you will have to come to terms with reality and accept that things were not meant to be.
  Cry Your Heart Out
If you have been at the receiving end and feel that you have been betrayed for no fault of yours, it can be very hurtful. Don't be embarrassed to cry and scream. You have been hurt and you have the right to vent out your frustration and once you take out all the frustrations, you will feel a lot better after Seek out other friends, siblings or your parents and talk to them. However, also learn to cope on your own, take out time and explore world again.

       Take Lessons
Once you overcome the depression phase, you will be surprised to see that it was not very difficult. All that you needed was to make yourself understand that this friend was not meant for you. Also, remember these betrayals are experiences that taught you valuable lessons in life especially about your compatibility and your priorities in life. Don't be exaggerate the issue on a vocal level but analyze it within your heart. However, make sure you do not become xenophobic after all betrayals should not stop you from trusting people and making new friends.

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