mama i know that im not a good daughter... im sorry for all the mistakes i've done mother. n im sorry 4 not growing up according to plan. im sorry for saying i hate u! im sorry for saying bad words about you mama... n im sorry for not listening to you.. though it all happen like a flashlight but frankly mama, i need you! n i juz wanna u 2 know that i love u mama n i will not ever make u sad again... i'll try to make u smile.. u've been a good mother since papa died. ur strong n i adore u for ur strength n all ur hardwork juz to make us happy eventhough ur risking ur life. ur the perfect woman on earth mama... u shine like a star juz to give us light whenever we'r in dark, n u r always there for me whenever i needed a shoulder to cry.. i love u mother n i will always do.. u risk ur life juz to make us happy.. mama, all i wanted to say here is that i will always be your friend n ur daughter... there's always a place for u in my heart.. i love u for who u r... i promise to do my best in my studies n to help u in future.. dun forget mama there is me to protect u.... n lastly, im sorry for hurting u n i love u mother n will always do...

ur my breath, ur my eyes, ur my soul....

you r my hero!!

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